Into the skies once more, and now into the jungle TREND45 went.  On the most daring step that an adolescent TREND45 had acted upon thus far, Bali, Indonesia was the next step towards an everlasting wanderlust. Waterfalls, elephants and exotic wildlife, welcoming locals, the discovery of sacred shrines and locations, and all of the breathtaking shorelines that our creatives buried their feet into the sand at, Bali was a treat for the soul that TREND45 will continue to cherish forever.  Upon arriving at the villa that we would call our home for the time we spent there, we immediately felt like royalty.  The staff’s care for us was so endearing, the settings that surrounded us were mesmerizing, the bountiful food that we dined upon, it all seemed to resemble something out of a wholesome, jungle-themed dream.  Our adventures on this beautiful island and the small few surrounding it kicked our creative inspirations into high-gear.  TREND45’s experience on this world-famous island has instilled a sense of pride for exploration that we now recognize as a staple towards our mission to continue to create unforgettable experiences.