The currents of yesterday had brought TREND45 to the Windy City, Chicago, IL.  With the biggest participation count accumulated, Chicago’s nightlife was embedded with the creatives that stepped forth to create at this event. It was July of 2018, and TREND45 wanted to take the city over for the weekend.  Equipped with a marvelous penthouse right in the Gold Coast, city life was just a stroll right outside our doorstep.  But we didn’t stop there.  From utilizing the magnificent architecture of the city streets to venturing to the coast for a beach-like experience within the city, we embraced a city and its livelihood.  The dazzling lights illuminating the sidewalks we treaded on, the experiences we had riding alongside bustling traffic on bicycles to our next shoot location, and the memories we created with new friends along the way will never be forgotten.  The Windy City helped us bring upon greater and more positive winds of change than we could've ever asked for.