Across the Atlantic awaited a new chapter of camaraderie.  After making a quick stop in London for a night of dancing and exploration, TREND45 ventured to the island of scenic coves and golden beaches.  Mykonos welcomed our attendance with open arms. From the moment we arrived at our enthralling destination in that stunning hillside neighborhood, we knew that we had already fallen in love with the view we could call ours during our stay.  Greeted with hearty salutations and purveyors of serotonin, the community of Mykonos and its natives invited us to experience the culture that is unmatched in sociality.  At dawn, we began creating at our beautiful .  By the evening, even sometimes into the early morning, dancing, dazzling lights, and city exploration of the iconic architecture were thrown into the mix.  Celebrations fueled on the essence of life alone roared from the dance floors to the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.  TREND45 now knows that when an individual steps foot onto the shores of Mykonos, they are now illustrious guests in attendance of an eternal and inclusive affair that they will cherish for a lifetime.