Taking to the air was our next step towards adventure. At rest at the side of a rolling mountain in the serene Malibu Hills of California sat an estate for TREND45 to make its next endeavor. Our first event where we had taken to the skies to travel to an event was upon us. A new and very important step forward for our creative journey. Departing from LAX, the location where the flights of all of the creatives that had all been sanctioned to arrive and meet one another at, we set off to our new home for the weekend. This home conceived new and fortified relationships that birthed beautiful and creative works of art. Artists based in locations from Michigan to LA and everywhere in-between came together under one roof and the famous California sunset. The curation of these individuals brought forth an exquisite time, which was a balance of adventure and luxury within the Malibu Hills and all the way down to the iconic Santa Monica Pier. From the moment the sun set over the ocean’s horizon on this event, TREND45 had gained a new sparkle in its eye for adventure.