Remy Lewbel

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Remy Lewbel is a Sales and Business Marketing graduate from Western Michigan University, with a minor in Communications. Hosting events in and around Detroit, Lewbel started TREND45 in late 2017. He has always felt motivated by the people, relationships, and culture around him to grow and continuously learn. He’s always grateful because he believes that he would not be here today if it weren’t for the people in his life throughout the years. Initially, back in 2017, the mindset was to have fun and enjoy life. In 2018, his goals really became a defined purpose: to go from organizing only local events to hosting hundreds of event-goers in a year’s time all over the states. In 2019, he strived to break boundaries even further, expanding the TREND45 experience on an international scale.
Reflecting back now in 2020, reminiscing on all his memories of traveling the world with his community, and understanding his privilege and the impact he’s been able to make, Remy is amazed and proud of how far he and TREND45 have come. Remy plans on using the movement he started with TREND45 to build even a stronger path for the growth of all creatives and like minds. Not only with the goal of having amazing experiences but to become fully immersed in an environment where they can learn and grow with love and support from an amazing community.