Our Mission

Through the combination of exotic travels and content creation, we aspire to curate a community of analogous artists. We provide the opportunity for international connections to be forged through the events we host, leading to a global presence and endless possibilities.


TREND45 is an organization that provides you with a unique way to connect with creatives. Our team offers the luxury of traveling, exploring, and creating art in an all encompassed, unimaginable experience. We bring you to exquisite villas with stunning views, help build real connections, and offer outstanding hospitality and experiences, all in one location. We provide it all — and by bringing creatives together, you can also expect exceptional content. We hold high standards in ensuring the quality of our events, and we vow to guarantee that there will always be an even balance of models and photographers, so you can create the best content possible. With TREND45, you are able to travel the world, experience new cultures, and expand your personal and professional portfolio, all while being fully immersed in an atmosphere curated specifically for creative minds.


In 2018, TREND45 imagined a path to turn the industry upside down, offering a new approach for content creators to unleash their utmost potential. We created a way for travelers and creatives to team up and turn TREND45 into a movement; We Connect. We Travel. We Inspire. We take pride in prioritizing every single guest. We choose the most beautiful locations for our events and also familiarize ourselves with the communities we shoot in, learning about different cultures to enhance our knowledge and experiences further. The content and art we create continuously pushes us as a company to grow and learn, something we think everyone can benefit from. We work with models, brands, stylists, bloggers, and photographers around the world, or simply anyone with a passion for travel and adventure. Join us and see what you have been missing out on.


Your safety is of the utmost importance to our team. At TREND45, we have implemented an application and screening process to enhance our safety precautions. We commit to going above and beyond in terms of your safety. Our team prioritizes the unique needs of every person attending our events, regardless of what those may be. Whether you have dietary restrictions or health concerns, we work together to provide you with the best experience within our means. Our goal is to deliver a safe event for all involved.


Whether you are an experienced artist, or a first-timer to an event, we understand that it can be a little intimidating. Our team offers support in every way possible to make you feel comfortable and secure. We strive for you to have the best experience possible while curating friendships and, most importantly, having fun. Our family cannot wait to travel with you and create life-long friendships and memories.


TREND45 developed its roots in 2018 and proudly started our community in Detroit, Michigan. We quickly transitioned our local events out of state and made our way to Ohio, Indiana, & Illinois in order to deliver different kinds of engaging content. In the following months of 2018, TREND45 traveled to Los Angeles, California, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Our team’s first international event took place in 2019 in Bali, Indonesia. We soon made our way through Mykonos, Greece, and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in the following months of the year. TREND45 plans on continuing our international events well through 2021, continually striving for innovation to truly help our artists flourish.


Using our magazine, the TREND45 team pledges to stand up against gender inequalities. We vow to donate 50% of our magazine sales to women who have been abused and/or sexually assaulted. We offer monetary support to this cause and compensate for professional counseling, such as therapy, for individuals personally affected. TREND45 stands with the #metoo movement and holds a zero-tolerance policy for any inappropriate behavior, which transcends to our events. We stand with those whose voices are shut out or refused to be heard. Join our movement and help us make a difference!


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