The Day of The Dead is Upon US - 11|1 - Event for Charity

The moment is almost upon us. The time for TREND45's first event since the lockdown, entitled Day of the Dead, is about to be underway. November 1st, 2020 will be a day combined means for charity, and we aren't in this alone.

Event for Charity | 11/1 | Detroit, MI

It's official: TREND45 is throwing its first event since the start of the pandemic, and it is all for charity. This year has definitely thrown some curveballs to say the least. With Corona changing living conditions for the entire world early this year, TREND45 decided to postpone all events until it is safe to travel globally.

2020 Outlook & the Future of TREND45

2020 is absolutely a milestone year in modern human history. While there are dynamic changes happening in the world as we know it, there are silver linings as well. The fruits of labor has begun to flourish throughout the operations of TREND45. During this uncertain time, the contrary has rung true for us.

What is TREND45?